Our story

Our thirty years of family business had a humble beginning - a 2-bedroom industrial house from 1923 without a separate bathroom. After university, me and my husband used all of our savings, bought a house, and spent the following years renovating it to build a 4 room home for our family. During the communist era, there wasn't an option to start a business but after the revolution, we decided to take our chances and extend our little house and add 3 rooms for rent.

The business was growing and a year later we were able to provide 3 more rooms to rent. However, it still felt like it wasn't enough. Our living room changed into a common area for our guests where we served breakfast and dinner. Our guests became part of our family.  It often happened that our children strolled among the hotel guests in their pyjamas and instead of sleeping they tried to be a part of our evening gatherings. We bravely broke all language barriers. Some of our guests from Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden still visit us to this day.

The time came to take our services to the next level, so in 1966 we started building a new building, which now houses another 8 rooms.

In 2005, we opened a restaurant on the premises of our original home, significantly extenting our business. The interest of our customers continually grew and we felt like it was necessary to expand again. In 2011, we completely renovated all of our rooms and added new ones. From renting a few extra rooms, we became a hotel. But the biggest expansion was yet to come.

Together as a family with our now grown-up children, we decide to start a completely new chapter of our story, this time with a modern twist. So in 2020 the idea of a new main building with a new reception and two floors of luxury rooms was born. At the same time, we extended the restaurant with a new glass exterior. The restaurant received new facilities, outdoor spaces and its current name - Na Hlavní 23.

And so we come to the present time.

We would love to say thank you to all our guests - especially to those who stayed loyal and kept coming back for more than ten years. Our customers inspire us to become better every day.
We sincerely appreciate all of you and we believe that you will love coming back to us!